Chaplain Reports

    Twice a month the FLorida Conference sends out V-news to all of the Florida Conference churches letting them know what the youth department is doing and what events are coming up next.

    Please answer the following question and return it to me on the 2nd sunday of every month. Please list how many non Adventist you have on your team. If you only have Adventist on your team, you still need to answer the questions. Please list your name an team name.

    This is a ministry and every team that plays in the Florida conerence sports league needs to have bible study or some kind of worshp. Ays or other church programs are fine. If any of your players get baptized or would like to get baptized please let me know ASAP so I can let Pastor Perez and Pastor Hines know.

    Please take picture of the baptism and write a little story and email it to me so we can put it in the V-news.


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    How many non Adventist on team

    How are you generating interest in Bible Studies?

    How many Bible studies interest are you following up?

    How is this positively affecting the Adventist team members?

    How is this impacting your life and relationship with God?

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